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This is Halloween...

Welcome to our nightmares and fantastical dreams!

Each year for a while now we've done something over the top in our garage on Halloween while tying in a snapshot of the story of God Himself from some pretty unique angles. Preachy? Not so much. Bizarre? Sure, why not?

We learned from the best long ago, generosity gets attention. (No matter where you lived in my neighborhood growing up, on the last day of October you visited the guy handing out Happy Apples!) We also know people love a show. So we try to go big with both.

Here you'll see what a classic rock couple with a taste for the creepy and strange can do with a regular garage, a little imagination and a lot of time. 

ALL the Themes!


The Big Story (With Videos!)

We love finding ways any of our themes can point right to God's story, the story of Jesus we see in the Bible. You can read or watch to learn more about it in The Big Story

For those curious about our comparatively smaller story, you might like our FAQ and Inspiration pages too.


Want Another Free Treat?

We're happy to provide a Bible or another helpful book about Jesus absolutely free courtesy of our parent site, miniministry.com. Just fill out this form, or families can feel free to stop by if you're in the neighborhood. (All ages welcome. Kids under 18 must have parent/guardian permission.)


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