This is Halloween...

Welcome to our nightmares and fantastical dreams.

Each year for a few we've done something over the top in our garage on Halloween while tying in a snapshot of the story of God Himself from some pretty unique angles. Preachy? Not so much. Bizarre? Sure, why not?

I learned from the best long ago, generosity gets attention. (No matter where you lived in my neighborhood growing up, on the last day of October you visited the guy handing out Happy Apples.) We also know people love a show. So we try to go big with both.

Here you'll see what a classic rock couple with a taste for the creepy and strange can do with a regular garage, a little imagination and a lot of time.


2004/05: Humble beginnings

We just moved into the hood in '04. Due to some bad advice and misinformation, along with my own sordid past, I had misgivings about Halloween in years prior. But I'd heard about people doing something rather basic on Halloween, and that was sharing the Gospel along with their treats. A novel idea, I once thought, but a way to redeem the night anyway.

> 2004
Our first year there I simply did the standard issue "light on, answer the door" thing, handing out candy with my own writings which would be better developed over time, and vastly improved as my understanding and love of the Gospel increased.

I had a statue of Jack Skellington (from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas") just inside the door and in view of my visitors, and a few teens who stopped by raved about him and some of my other Nightmare paraphernalia. Simple as that seems, I work as a youth sponsor at my church and was happy to have a connection with some teens in the neighborhood.

> 2005
It was warm enough this year that we opened up the garage and placed alongside us a box with sleight of hand magic tricks. As visitors stopped in, they got a trick and a treat. This was so simple yet well received, and we grew better acquainted with some neighbors that night. One boy came back a second time and ran back to his family yelling, "I love those people!"

We were struck. What else could we do with this?

> Days of Future Passed
For all you Halloween enthusiasts... As you might imagine, we've enjoyed our share of Halloween antics in the past. Influenced by b-horror, sci-fi and vamps from The Lost Boys to Dark Shadows (orig. & '92 resurrected), we never grew out of tricking or treating. Who knew all that would lead to all this? Here are some shots we dug up from days gone by.

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